My hoop isn't creating a shadow -- solved

Hmm. In the video, the hoop casts a shadow on the background cube, seemingly without setting any lighting properties.
No matter what props I set, I can’t seem to get a shadow cast. Any ideas why?
I’ve tried marking the cube static, messing with global illumination properties, switching everything between realtime and baked, using light probes, etc. Man, I’ve had so much trouble with understanding lighting. :frowning:

Update: I’ve restored all properties (nothing is marked as static, realtime lighting, no probes). Now I see that the projectiles are casting shadows on the hoop, but nothing is casting shadows on the cube background. I don’t see a difference between the objects.

ARGH! OK, it was just the material. I forgot/didn’t know that shadows won’t be cast onto a material that’s set to Transparent or Fade. Rats.

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