My go at Block Breaker - PokéBreaker

Here’s a first decent version of the game. I plan to continue work on it, but testing and feedback would be appreciated :smiley:



I had a blast, yet I could not beat the first level Pikachu. I hope their wasn’t more, because that level is difficult!

If I may, you should add a life system, maybe reduce the ‘health’ of the blocks, or extend the paddle a little more for a minor tweak in gameplay.

Also, maybe visually altering the pokeball to rotate as its velocity is changing would be a cool feature too.

Your game is amazing! I love the idea and the way you implemented it!
I agree that it is very hard right now, perhaps you could use another kind of way to show to the player how many hits does a block need to have until it break, so you can freely work with the colours without making the game soo difficult, perhaps you could use the texture to tell that, or the saturation of the color, perhaps even opacity, or another kind of graphic that helps the player to identify how many hits each kind needs to be destroyed.

Another thing that would be interesting to make the ball rotate while moving, since the ball sprite is not heterogeneous.

Congratulations by the way, awesome idea!

I really enjoyed your game as i am a fan of the pokemon games :smiley:
Got to admit, it is very hard to beat the game but i got pretty far by attacking it from the sides :stuck_out_tongue:
I really like the background, the music and the sounds. Good job so far and keep going!