My Glitch Garden interpretation is available now!

Hello, all! I’m very excited to announce that my take on the Glitch Garden section of the 2D course is finished and live here! It’s called The King’s Cellar and its instantly available in your browser, so there’s no downloading or installing.

You play the role of a king tasked with defending your castle from a mysterious enemy. As the game unfolds over more than a dozen levels, you’ll unlock additional defenders and attract new attackers in your quest to keep your kingdom safe!

This is easily the largest and most ambitious project I’ve taken on so far and I learned a ton about creating a scalable game and setting deadlines for myself. I found myself adding new features and tweaking animations during development that created a lot of new work and pushed my eventual release back by days and weeks at a time. It was a valuable lesson in limiting the scope of my projects, at least until I have something like a beta version complete that I can put out.

Anyway, here are a few screenshots, I’d love for you guys to take a look and provide your honest feedback!


Hi Sean,
your link doesn’t work :frowning:

I love your graphics!
Link doesn’t work for me either.

Gah! Sorry, I always have trouble linking pages on mobile. It’s fixed now:

The game is great, I didn’t find any bug, the game works like a charm and the animations and art are amazing!

Some small feedback:

  • The Wizard’s talking animation can be improved, I can clearly see where it starts and where it stops, it makes a weird snap.
  • The game might be too easy, I only lost like 3 units during the whole game.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I definitely agree on the talking wizard animation, I’ve gotten a few comments on him.

The game’s overall difficulty is one aspect that I underestimated. I wanted levels to get progressively longer, but I noticed with anything longer than about 45-60 seconds, you have too much money to the point where there’s no challenge anymore. I’m sure understanding that balance is just one of those things that comes with experience.

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Overall a very nice game with a very uniforme art work to it. I especially liked the clean and simple animations of your projectiles.
You kept the concept simple enough and focussed on the story, which is a lovely one indeed.
What I think can be improved are the waves and degree of difficulty of the game. It is way too easy to win and seems to be, in between the new events of the story, too repetitive. I believe you could easily improve that by making the foes harder to be killed on the one hand and by interlacing the story more on the other.
The closing credits are a nice feature, yet I don’t like them in this game, don’t ask me why, it is just the impression I had.
The background in the beginning and the end scene is amazing!
So, congrats on the game:)

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