My funny Lamp Animation (20seconds)

Hello Everyone!

This is my animated lamp!

I had to decrease a lot the quality to put it within a Gif. For a better quality, follow the youtube link:

it was rendered in 50% of 1080p, 128 samples only (should have used more) and total of 460 frames (between 19 and 20 seconds), it took around 3 hours to render on my GTX 970m

Let me know your thoughts! feedback helps me to improve!


This made me giggle! Good job!


Thank you @Jack_Grice! :grinning:
I’m very happy to know that I really made someone laugh with it! Objective completed with this animation then!

Thank you again!

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It’s the ending… just gets me! :joy:

Keep up the funny work! @Joao_Dalvi


hehe, this is really good - had myself a nice chuckle, although I had a sneaky feeling something was going to happen with that flex when you posted the still image up the other day :wink: Really nice work - well done :slight_smile:

Note: were you not able to embed that YouTube clip?

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Thank @Rob, I am glad to know that you liked it :slight_smile:

How do I embed YouTube videos here?

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All you should need to do is just paste the URL in, without setting a piece of text to be the link, if that makes sense.

There are a number of supported sites/domains which have OneBox support, I believe YouTube is one of them.

Try amending you post (if you want!) so that it’s just the URL and not the [Animated Lamp]() text etc :slight_smile:

Wow :clap:,

Didn’t knew that,

Thanks Rob, just updated it.

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*boom* - looks good :slight_smile:

You can do it with SketchFab also, so maybe have a play with that with you Blender creations - coz then we can zoom in/out and move all around them in 3D :slight_smile:

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That’s true! I’ll make sure to share the upcomming models in Sketchfab too. I do have a account there, but I haven,t used it yet =/

I also have an old Sketchup 3D Warehouse account, this one was active, but I haven’t updated it for a couple of years

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