My fluffy Hare final render

Hello guys, this is my final render for this section:

512 samples, 1080p, Render time 8 hours and 20 minutes

Your feedback is very welcomed!


Looks like everything is made with a good touch :wink:
one thing i would have changed is making sure the rabbit’s face is in more focus (maybe the blurred tree behind it makes it look in less focus)… really amazing work!

Is it also rigged? O_O

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Looks really cool - two of my favourite features here are the different colours on the fur which make him look more natural and also that he’s moving, most of the bunnies I have seen so far are often in a sitting position. :slight_smile:

Nice work :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you liked it @Sagi_Shavit, I didn’t make the face mesh as good as I wanted to, so I avoided giving it too much focus, but you are right, I think that the blurred brush behind it wasn’t a very good idea, I’ll be more careful regarding it next time,

It is not rigged, it would give me too much trouble to rig such a dense mesh, I still don’t know how to do in order to rig organic surfaces.

Thanks @Rob, I wanted to make something different

My favorite part is exactly that too, the painted fur texture gave it a nice touch! :smiley:

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Amazing work !

I like how much life and movement you managed to add to your scene.

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Quedó muy bacana la escena. Es un excelente trabajo. El pasto y el conejo están muy bien logrados, creo que el mensaje que intentas transmitir llega. Hey!!! soy un conejo veloz!, mírenlo en una sola toma.

Muy bien.

… 8 horas??? por una sola toma??? en serio?, mil preguntas me nacen?.. si se quisiera hacer un corto (movie) teniendo pasto y cabello, que equipo o maquina se debe tener???.. gracias por la atención prestada.

Thank you very much @Svetlin_Balkanski!! I’m glad you like it!!

Thank you Rafael, I do understand spanish I’m from Brazil, our languages are similar :slight_smile:

Im glad you liked it !

This render is 1080p (100%) and 512 samples, if you reduce it to 720p and to 256 samples, it should take around 1:30 hours to render this scene, you could also use both the CPU and GPU to render the animation, so it could be something around one hour or even less.
If the video has 24hz, it would take me 1 day per second of animation :slight_smile: which is a lot of time!

There are some techniques such as baking that could significantly reduce the time, but I havent used it yet

Very cool!

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Thank you @Kimset!!

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