My first three Unity Course games

Hi everyone!

Earlier this year I uploaded my versions of the first three games (Prison Escape, Block Breaker, Laser Defender) of the Unity Developer course on, but have recently done a bit more work on them and republished them on here:

I have ported all three games to Unity 5, and published them using the WebGL build rather than the Unity Web Player.

I had some trouble with the Egyptian Block Breaker WebGL build, initially the lighting effects weren’t working at all in this build and I assumed it was due to some lighting issues I read about here: So, I published Egyptian Block Breaker using Unity Web Player and moved on to Laser Defender. While doing that WebGL build, I noticed that the sprites had poor resolution in the build, and found out about the Unity Quality settings (under Edit->Project Settings->Quality on Windows). The default WebGL build Quality is ‘Fastest’, which has ‘Half Res’ texture quality and disables quite a few features, such as shadows. I changed the Quality to ‘Good’ and lo and behold, the sprite resolutions were fixed in the build.

Changing the WebGL build Quality to ‘Good’ fixed the lighting issues for the Egyptian Block Breaker game, so I republished it as a WebGL HTML 5 game.

So helpful tip: If your WebGL build (or any build actually) seems to be poorer in quality then what it was playtesting in the Unity editor, check the Quality settings for the build.

Anyway, here are the games I’ve made:

Prison Escape:

Egyptian Block Breaker:

Laser Defender:

Please feel free to have a play and let me know what you think :slight_smile:.


Your story telling and game production is far greater than what I have produced on this course so far.
The Jail escape was the best of all three.
Great work!

Thanks very much djfuego! :smiley:

I find it a bit amusing that I spent more time on the Block Breaker and Laser Defender games, but you like the Prison Escape one the best haha. It’s not too surprising though, I do really like the story and choices I came up with for the Prison Escape game. And the other two games are more complex with their graphics and behaviours, so of course they took me longer.

The Prison Escape also feels more complete, in a way. There are lots of ideas I had for possible inclusion in the Egyptian Block Breaker and Laser Defender games (more powerups, more levels, more enemy behaviours) that I just decided to leave out so that I could get them finished. Because Prison Escape is a text adventure with a relatively limited scope, I feel like I explored all I wanted to with the game, and don’t really want to add any more to it.

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