My First Text game

Here’s my first text game
Not sure if it works on the web, the Unity webplayer wouldn’t work on firefox for me after several download attempts.
Feel free to leave any feedback!
P.s i’m aware that there are some typos/grammar faults.

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve also been having problem with Firefox, however if you have a bit of patience the games will run in Internet Explorer for me - have you tried that?

I’m really intrigued by your plot, however unfortunately the game is not displaying on the page correctly, cutting off the far left and right. I was able to follow for a couple of moves until I got to an option that wasn’t press 1,2,3 etc. As I couldn’t see which key to press I couldn’t advance.

I hope this feedback helps you fix the issue, please let me know if you change it as I would like to play again

Hi there!

Also tried with internet explorer but it didn’t work there either :disappointed:

I assumed it would auto fix the resolution as I made the game for 1080x1920

Planning on an updated version of the game with sounds and maybe pictures
for every screen, but that’ll be sometime in the future.

Thank you very much for the feedback!

Oh how frustrating not to be able to see your finished results!

I have noticed that games loaded to gamebucket (like mine!) are not working in Firefox, but those on sharemygame are, for me anyway. I had a problem uploading to sharemygame, have you tried? If you can upload it there, maybe it will work? :confused:

I hope you find a way around it :slight_smile:


Yeah, tried that first but it said I was missing some file :confused:

Thanks! :smile:

Same problem I had, if I get anywhere with it I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

If you want to upload to . go to File -> Build Settings and select WebGL, make sure the Development Build checkbox is unchecked and make a folder with your game’s name, select it and click build. It may take several minutes and appear paused or frozen. Let it work it should be completed before ten or fifteen minutes. After you have built the game, select the folder that you built into, inside the folder there should be an index.html file, a Build folder, and a TemplateData folder, you need all three of those so what you want to do is go back out of the folder that has all those files and right click it. use your zip program like Winzip or 7zip to “add to archive”. If you do not have a zip program 7zip is really good and it is free. 7-zip Download Page This will make a copy of your game with the .zip extension. It needs to be in a .zip extension when you upload the file. Also you cannot rename the index.html inside the .zip archive, or any of the folders or it will mess it up.

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