My First Terrain

Here’s a couple of screen shots of my first terrain.
Took about an hour or so. Nothing extraordinary, but have to say, was blown away by the power Unity gives you to work with. Would love to hear what you guys think :grin:


Very nice @Farhan, looks very cool. I like the variety of vegetation and the water, has a good sense of realism.

One thing, do you have anything to prevent a player from dropping off the edges?


@Rob Thank you! No, I don’t have anything at the moment, was having too much fun jumping off the edges, reminded me of older generation games. I’ll Probably add some colliders or OP zombie spwaners at the edges later on if I decide to use this.


hehe, isn’t it great @Farhan when you can enjoy something so much that you’ve made yourself - well done :slight_smile:
Sound like you have some great plans, I will look forward to seeing more posts with your progress… :slight_smile:

Very good looking I think!

@Kimset Sorry replying so late. But thanks a lot!

@Rob Progress :smiley:

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Hey @Farhan, this is looking great! Very cool progress, what other plans have for your project?

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Looks like you are evolving straight out of the zombie runner into your own custom game. Very cool :slight_smile:


@Rob @Kimset
Thanks a lot for the encouragement guys. Not sure about plans myself, I get excited whenever I find new ideas to explore, making it very hard to stay focused on one project. But, whatever I do , I’ll try to put a lot more time and effort in it next time.


Please keep sharing your updates and progress with us all Farhan :slight_smile:

Great Job!

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That’s impressive.

I look forward to trying out a demo when you get to that point!

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This is great! and the progress looks awesome…

I think it rocks!

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