My first scene : Coast Guard

Since I pretty much went trough all the exercices in the Blender course, I decided it was time to try making a scene of my own! This is what I came up with!

It’s still not perfect, but I learned a lot while making it and had a lot of fun.

I originally posted it on the facebook page and got amazing feedback and suggestions. So this time I’m posting another version here to see what you guys think.


Nice water!


Very impressive. I’ve got the Blender course purchased but haven’t started it yet… Everybody’s renders are making me anxious.

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Looking awesome @AltDemon, really nice.

Just do it. I know some of them are impressive … how did they do that …
But everything they use to build it, you can learn from the course.
Learn step by step. These render are always a bunch of vertices, some texturing (photo’s), and lighting. But is mazing what we can do with it. Just start !

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Haha, I’m going to, believe it. I’m just wrapped up in the Unreal Course right now! lol

I said it on facebook and will say it here again…this is an awesome piece of work my friend!! The water is just perfect…you gotta tell me how to do that !! What part of the course are you up to??? have you gotten to the uv unwrapping, bump reflection …displacement and normal maps etc??? if you added some maps to your ship to give it that used realistic kind of look it would finish the scene…Michael tackles all of that in section 7 believe… this short youtube tutorial is also really good. and quickly explains how it all works… its not as hard as you think to do …thats all your scene is missing and it would be perfect…pro :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll look into that tutorial as soon as I can. I pretty much did the whole course, and that boat was an asset I made for a game in Unity, so it’s quite low-poly. I just figured since I had modeled it, might as well build a scene!

The water is basically just a subdivided plane on which I applied the ocean modifier. I used a transparent material for the water itself and placed another plane underneath with an emissive greenish material to give some sense of depth.

There’s a WHAT modifier!? -Opens blender immediately- Man. The things you miss. The water is fantastic, and the way you describe it makes it sound simple, but I still think this is some special stuff. It looks great at least.

Very nice work, motivates me to keep going through the blender course

Nice work. Really.

Can you share your secret in making the foam in the water? Is that some sort of texture applied in the “peakiness” of the water on the nodes?

Cheers, Jax

It’s an option with ocean modifier (generate Foam).

Oh, cool. Never tried the ocean modifier. Thanks!

Cheers, Jax

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