My First Render (Warehouse)

Was at a warehouse recently and seeing the pallets lying around sparked my creativity a bit. Not much in terms of colour variation here so I tried to focus more on working the lights. I chose to use 4 light sources for this piece of work, three to mimic the ceiling lamps high above that one would see in a warehouse, and one to help cast more light and shadows onto the pallets.

For better lighting and shadows, I opted to use Cycles Render and I positioned the light sources so that I could achieve lighting that wasn’t too overpowering on surfaces, but still manages to cast good enough shadows to accentuate the way in which the pallets are stacked.

Been having a lot of fun with Blender so far! Looking forward to being further inspired so I can experiment and come up with more great ideas!


Nicely lit, simple objects.
Later in the course you will find out how to add real looking wood textures to those pallets.