My first prototype outside of the course

as the tittle says, my first prototype outside of course boundaries :slight_smile: .
it took me exactly 29 days to complete this.

A.movement system for the player
B.shooting system(2 Shooting Systems to be more specific you can select which one you want through going to the options menu before you begin the game.)
C.Basic Menu
D.basic Animations for static Enemies
E.Ranged Enemies
F.Health Systems
G.Auto Ground Generating With Blocks Attached.
H.ReSpawn System
I.Small Cheats (Press H for extra HP and K for Decreasing your hp by 10).
J.Works On Android too (should work on Iphone but i dont have one, so can not test it over there).
K.and some other stuff. such as mutiple enemies, with different spawn rates.projectiels for enemies such as arrows, laser gun for the player just, have fun exploring the not so much prototype that i have right now completed.

im quite ashamed that such scrubby thing took me a whole month :frowning: but o well, i guess im just that slow.


its pretty good i can see some things to work on the speed adjustment in the movement (Moving Forward faster)

and some of the textures but other that it is pretty good

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i guess you’re right it does look slow :slight_smile:
thanks for trying it out :slight_smile:

Not bad. You’ve got the gameplay down. It doesn’t matter that it took you a month.
What matters is that you managed to get this far. Pretty neat work.
Just need to swap out your assets for something a little more pleasing to the eye.
If you haven’t done so already you may want to practice using Blender as I use it as my primary 3D asset creation tool with Substance painter. (Painter is not free but speeds up the detailed texturing process and for the price over the time it saves I wouldn’t recommend anything else if you want to branch out into 3D gaming)

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thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: this is the next step just getting models, level design, and sounds up and running .
i already got the Blender course i think i may have a go at it soon or later :slight_smile:
i’ll keep Substance painter in mind thanks for the recommendation.
and i do hope that you manage to play the more completed parts of this game :slight_smile: .

It is quite good, i think the game can be very entertaining once you switch out the placeholder assets.
Good work! Keep it up no matter how long it takes you.

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thank you for your kind words.
i myself can not wait to get actual models up and running :slight_smile: i just wanted to Eat the frog first :slight_smile: and i guess it is quite worth it, now i can see magic happening very quickly making me get very Excited to share what im doing . i just hope it turns out all well and good :slight_smile:

Did you make any progress on this game Momutrz? It looks promising.

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thanks for trying it out, i have actually left that game, but i did make a sort of an upgrade version of it, which you can find here

and kept on making other games, my most recent one is ShootNRun (name is placeholder).

Wow, that is a huge improvement on the other one!

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