My first post

Bobby here,

After high school, I attended college for Game Design and Development. Drugs, alcohol and the usual bad choices ended my dream a little prematurely. Been going job to job since, now steadily in the Jewelry industry for the past 6 years and while looking for an easier way to design pieces, I stumbled upon Blender. Learning about the many ways to apply the software reopened a door that I believed was way past shut. Bolted and boarded with an expired eviction notice nailed to it.

Anyways, there are many possibilities ahead. Bad decisions are under control, Time to get started

Happy Holidays to all!


Hi Bobby, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Kudos for your openness but also for turning things around for yourself, a sincere “well done”, looking forward to seeing what you create.

If you haven’t already, consider registering for a Sketchfab account, they offer a free as well as paid service. You can upload your models, each getting a unique URL, and you can view them on the web view their embedded player. Better still, if you copy/paste the model’s URL into your posts here, the player will be embedded into your post to, so we can all see and interact with your models :slight_smile:

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