My First Photoshop PIC

I am taking the Complete Drawing Course, Since i was very young i liked to draw, I always had a knack for drawing, but this course really helped me improve my drawings, so I decided to give a try in Photoshop and draw t a Character i plan to use in a game I am going to make in the near future.


Looks great but the lights don’t match, it looks like there’s only one light source coming from below, but I see two torches behind the character and there’s a table that should block any light coming from the floor, it looks a little weird, also the hand doesn’t look right, it is too small in comparison with the entire body and armor.

Don’t get discouraged, lights, limbs, hands and feet are really hard to get them right, just keep practicing, you are doing great.


Yeah the arm got kind of small, and the hand got weird.
about the lights, its not clear in this picture, but the eyes are shining, theres an aura around his head, this is the source of light that is lighting him
I will get a picture that shows this…as soon as i manage to get photoshop to open …


In the past I worked a lot with Illustration (now I am using inkScape) for shapes. Colour it in with PhotoShop (nowadays GIMP, Krita).

But, If you combine them together, you get Blender Grease pencil tool. I love that product very much. But still, for me, a mouse driven process. And Pencil and paper has a better hand eye relation for me personally. You can scan a 2D drawing, as a template. And do what you want …

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I only used 3D max and autocad in work related projects I pretty much a newbie in Photoshop/krita/procreate etc…
I am adapting to the use of a graphic tablet but its not so easy.
the picture with the face as it should be shown, with the glowing eyes…getting this effect in Photoshop was not very easy …


The disadvantages of Photoshop are mastering it for a novice user and the high cost of the product