My First Game (Update)

Hi guys. 3-months back, I made a commitment to finish my very first game and launch it on Google Play. I managed to launch the game in Beta (in India) on 31st July. Huge thanks to Rick Davidson.
After taking a small break of 2 weeks, I’ve made another 90-day commitment today to finish implementing the single player mode, leader-board, and add a lot more polish to my game. And I commit to finish it by 17th Nov 2020.

The game title is “Bows of Fate”. It’s a fantasy-styled, turn-based, 2D multiplayer 1v1 archery battle.

Gameplay Link

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I love it man! It’s looking really good! Something about the video made the game seem really blurry. Also the bow is very hard to see and makes the game less appealing. I would add particle systems and a larger tail trail system for the arrow. Other than that great work!

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