My First Game ~ 'Block Smasher'

Do play my game!
Just uploaded my new game, be awesome to get some feedback:

Here are some of the cool things I did:

  1. Changed paddle size in all levels
  2. Changed speed of ball in all levels
  3. Changed Background in all levels
  4. Changed Block Structures in all level
  5. Changed Square block to rectangle1

Good job! One comment – the confetti explosions are colorful but make it hard to follow the ball path.

I love the backgrounds nice and colorful. It gives a good ambiance to the game. I think it is a solid game. I feel like the ball could have been allowed to go just a bit faster. Nice work.

I did see one bug. At one point the ball glitched through the indestructible blocks. I think this is a collider issue but I am not sure.