My First Free Form designing

Hello everyone, I follow blender course intensively and decided to share my first model after a week of gained knowledge.
Space topic is my jam so decided to create an exploration / expeditionary Rover. Will keep adding more details as imagination and workflow guides me.

So far it has knuckles, upper / lower arms and spring dampener.


Looks sweet! Love that you added the spring dampener. You almost can’t see it, so most people would probably just skip it, but it really adds something to the model.

Absolutely agree there! Such details add a lot to the whole model. I am planing to add flood lights, antenna, side lights, back lights, materials and will see from there how it goes. Glad you liked it. Cheers!

If you’re going to commit to this scene, you might also be interested in this tutorial on Youtube on how to model Mars: How to Make Mars in Blender.

Looking forward to the full composition :slight_smile:

Wow, nice job on this. This will look amazing once it’s textured.
After a week? Guessing you’re not new to 3d :slight_smile:
Though I might be wrong.
Did you render this with the standard Blender Render or with Cycles?

First of all thanks. And yes, I’ve learned a bit 3D (fiddled with Unreal Engine 4 & 3ds Max).
As for Blender I’m using it for a week as I follow course and always try to go an extra mile whenever possible :slight_smile:

I’ve rendered this in Cycles on GTX 980 thanks to this course and also some other resources I dug on Internet. I’ll apply cycles render materials whenever this phase arrives and render final scene to put my gained knowledge / skills to test.

Will keep improving :wink:

This looks awesome. This rendered out pretty nicely. How long did you spend on this?

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Around 5 minutes, set tiles in sampling to 256x256 for GPU.

P.S.: Will keep posting / Updating the progress

Impressive, keep up the great work. Will stay tuned.

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Alright, so here are the renders of my current progress: Added Antenna, Beacon, Upper & Lower Floodlights, Main & Auxiliary Generators, Solar Panels, Supply Boxes…

There is a lot of potential for future improvements…
Don’t know how I will end up but so far it’s been a lot of fun :smiley:


Looking good, will be interesting to see it after you get through section 6 and start working with the node materials.

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A small update:

=> modeled seats for pilots with frame, slider, seat base, and seat itself with arms
=> Sliding doors, (air-tight) sci-fi ftw!
=> Board Computer & Controls

If nothing will hit my cazy mind will move on to texturing…


This is a neat idea and really great looking. I am looking forward to see the progress!
If crazy hits your mind: he seats are needing coffeecup holder :sunglasses:

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Alright so here is the milestone update:

I finished the first pass of materials and created the screens for showcase.

Bonus: For those who love space, science, astronomy, physics & Sci-fi as I do - I rendered for you a 4K and 1080p resolution desktop backgrounds. Feel free to download and have them as a token of my gratitude of your support.

Your request has been fullfilled good sir :sunglasses:


P.S.: Best regards! :heart: And special thanks to @Michael_Bridges for awesome teaching - Kudos to ya sir! :heart: Will keep improving!



Nice work, it’s looking pretty sweet! How many hours have you put into it so far?

I’ve been working 7-8 Hours a day and using blender more than a week, plus other tutorials on net.

Stretched muscle during cycling added sciatica pain and found 3D modeling as a great solution of distracting mind from pain. It’s a lot of fun :smiley:

Ah, a fellow pain sufferer! That’s not bad going. A few more weeks and you’ll be properly on fire! :smiley:

Amazing work.

Great job putting all that effort in.

The coffee-addicted space pilots of the universe will thank you forever :+1:
The project really looks great, i especially like the shots on the darkish floor!

Here is another fun stuff I’ve created in Blender.

P.S.: Still working on rover (wheels and rim concepts)

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