My first ever game try, a Quiz game based on what I've learned so far

Hello :smiley: I’ve been trying around and fidgeting as I felt confident enough and tried my best to make it using all I’ve learned so far.

Its based on the game FF14, so the questions might be lost to some, but I made it based on an array of 100 questions, where it will always pick 20 random from that array and 20 accompanying images to it which I set up to appear at random too.

At the end the game gives you the score as I made it +20 per correct answer and -20 per wrong answer.

Any suggestions or comments would be awesome, thank you :smiley:.

Here is the link for the online version:
Online Version in

And here is the downloadable version for PC:
Download link on Mega

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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