My first blender project, toy plane

This is my first model. I finished it then made the mistake of looking at other finished projects and mine seemed well, blocky. So i tried to do cylinders and play with the shapes and tried to attach pieces together but found that i was getting really frustrated. I realized i was getting too far ahead of myself so came back this one!.

Thanks for looking.

Nice, i like the propeller detail !

Mine took a while and is a simple toy plane, I kept on having to delete and add vertices, edges and faces.
In the end the wings aren’t even extruded but is just it’s own block that intersects the body… !

Now onto, let’s watch the solution

That’s cool! I looked at the others and they were a bit advanced for my liking but the way the lecturer builds his plane is not how I thought I would do it. I’m onto insetting now and the Mayan temple. Best 20 quid I’ve spent.