My finished space shooter

I finally finished my space shooter game! Let me know what stage you get to!


Really cool game. I was quite surprised by the amount of levels it has.

I think you did an amazing job code wise, there’s huge room for improvement in the balance department tho, the game is too easy, specially if you upgrade the damage and fire rate first, also the shield mechanic could use some tweaking, like decreasing every time the player gets hit because the time the shield is up after upgrading it is way too high.

Other than that your game works like a charm, excellent job.

Hey thanks. Also, the reason that there are so many levels is because each one is randomly generated.

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Great game! Well done, just spent about 10 mins playing it.
You should feel really proud


Great little game, I love the laser beam that destroys everything!

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Awesome game!

I liked so many things about it. The homing missiles, the upgrade system between levels, and the alternating fire.

How did you code the homing missiles if you don’t mind me asking?