My final scene

EDIT: I took out the frustration by setting a live WebGL scene with a ridiculous amount of pins: Check out the Bowling Madness :slight_smile:

I title this: “Only 10 Pins Is SO Last Year”:slight_smile:
Pretty disgruntled about some lighting issues and general unrealism - can’t wait to get into in-depth lighting, rendering and so forth. (No Hemi in Cycles? No Sun in cycles? No cool light sources in cycles? Or is it just me? Either way, after about an hour of fruitless tweaking I can safely say: F you, cycles…)


Actually, when you get into further lessons, is more on lighting, cameras, and using Cycles. Micheal does a good job of explaining and showing you how to use the different nodes.

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Of course - I had no doubt he would, and hence the “can’t wait”. Was just venting:)

Vent away! I can’t quite wrap my head around lighting or cameras so know the feeling. And, Cycles I am actually like it better. It seems to be easier to set up and I find stuff in Cycle and seems less cluttered. I think I am finally getting a better grip on materials and stuff with this course.

Have fun creating!

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