My Fav WIPS since starting this course

My favourite WIPS since starting blender and this course around two months ago… seems like i rarely fully finish a project! i have about 20 or so works in progress…once i get a model pretty far along i always seem to get excited about starting something new and head off over that way! i should probably go back and finish them one by one instead of working on many little bits at a time! Does anyone else work like this or do most just stick with one project until done?

BSG Imperial Viper…havent done a thing on this in awhile…not far from finished now…

My version of a Tie defender… still got quite a ways to go on this one… maybe i will make a scene with the tie fighter battling the viper …star wars and BSG merger…

Scar battle rifle i started on but never finished…shown here in the viewport with Matcap shading on

Underway is a lamborghini Aventador using Subsurf modeling techniques …a concept car for a cinematic…a ship and a motorcycle. and a world war 2 airplane annnnddd a submarine…but they are all still in early stages and not worth looking at yet :slight_smile: Oh and forgot the Dosh Khaleen temple and axe which i already posted pics of here on the forums… Anyone new to the course or thinking of starting, with the right determination you can pretty quickly start building really cool stuff…unlimited creation is yours once you start to get the hang of using blender …


Added some detail to the Tie


A lamborghini slowly comes to life panel by panel…alignment is a bitch …i don’t think I’m good enough yet to make this one come together…i will give it a good go but do seriously doubt i will be able to fully assemble this one properly! Making the top front and back fit the sides will be really challenging along with joining all the panels seamlessly!

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You’re going to be modelling with the best of them in no-time! :open_mouth:

Remember to save iterations! That way you can save the sides (which are fantastic btw), finish it now, then come back to it when you feel more confident to give it another go :smiley: Then it would be fun to compared the two.

Thanks Mcfuzz! I do feel though i have a very very long way to go to be modelling with the best of them hahah I’m still very much a newbie to all of this!I will take all of your advice, the best way to learn is to listen to others! …I should go and do a simple car to get the techniques down and come back to this million panel car when i am more confident like you said hahah Got a quick question for you I have seen your troll that you posted on here and its simply perfect, could be used in any animated movie or cartoon…its flawless! What is the trick to more organic modelling like animals, figures etc…did you make the troll with sculpting and metaballs like the rabbit in the course? Are you going to rig and animate him, maybe make a cinematic? i think you have done such a great job on him it would be a shame not to take him further!

The troll was actually made entirely using box modelling! There are no special tricks! Though for the SketchFab model I did apply the 2x subsurface modifier on the final product that I uploaded here, unfortunately giving him 46,000 vertices! I am actually quite proud of the topology; it’s all very logical and tidy, and easy to select rows and sections. The hands, which I’ve been artistically terrified of my whole life, were decidedly simple when I had a good, telling reference to use.

Rigging and animating is the plan (at a severely lowered vert count), but unfortunately I’ve done nothing but rely on Rigify automatic weights for a year and am unsatisfied with the results. I need to learn weight painting and vertex groups, and whilst I understand the process, unfortunately a full time job in a separate field plus procrastination leads to a very unproductive experience! Regardless, the troll model is the first model I’ve made that can be described as ‘rig ready’, complete with a morphable face for expressions, blinking, usable fingers and knuckles, and elbows and knees function correctly.

I have made quite a few humanlike bodies now, and I learn a new trick every time I do. You can have a great body by using just metaballs and sculpt mode, but I prefer to make a very basic model and either use multi-res and sculpt, or to just add loops or cuts where they need to go. It’s as @Michael_Bridges says: It’s better to be lean and make a very basic shape, then add detail as needed, than to spend 90 minutes modelling say, a tail light for the lamborghini and not have the rest of the model in sight. As I said; you should make the lambo, then make it again later, because as the Udemy course instructors said: “The guy who made the most pottery actually won the award for best pottery too, because he perfected his craft over many iterations.”

It is a lot easier to add detailed geometry than it is to take away, though it may not seem that way at first. Become one with the triangle (sparingly! Topology and loops are key! But not everything will be a straight line all the way around, as I used to try and make). There are hundreds of character modelling tutorials on youtube, but I actually find the tutorials I get the most out of are actually time lapses. Plus they’re more appealing to me due to human hardwiring to enjoy watching something grow, and they encourage making something different to the source material. They teach perfecting technique, rather than following directions.


This is the kind of collaboration I love about this environment. I hope you got something wise out of my gigantic word-spam, but the fact of the matter is that we’re all students, even the teachers; the least we can do is help each other.

Mcfuzz, thank you so very much for taking the time to give some great advice and write this for us! I did indeed gain quite a few wise insights from your post and I’m sure many others that read this will do the same! I have taken your advice and saved some iterations of my car before continuing so i can jump back when i am better and fix the car from an early point onwards! Like you said a lean clean mesh is everything, very hard to accomplish though , i think only experience can bring that about…my meshes are pretty sloppy under the cover…i am actively working on making that all better! good point with it being easier to add geometry than take it away…i did not realise that and will surely keep it in mind!
Again many thanks for your message and all of this excellent advice!! Looking forwards to see the end result of your troll when you get the time to rig and animate him …that is really awesome and amazing that everything is rig ready like the eyebrows , knuckles etc that is no easy feat thats for sure!!

Thanks Mate!

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The Lambo panels slowly come together…each piece is individual…so many of them…the question is what will happen when i try to join all of this together haha …will probably be posting a final pic of a giant mess lol …we will see!!



These are amazing, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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These models are incredible. Great work! I have not been able to take the blendder course yet, but I look forward to being able to in the near future!

Whoa. Those are some really good models!

Thanks guys! Thanks to michaels blender course i can now create whatever i want…best thing i ever did was take this course…so anyone on the fence about taking the Course jump off and jump in and get the gift of unlimited creation! The course will give you every single tool you need to make anything your mind can come up with!


That course really pays of. Before I took this course I only learned from Blender Guru (amazing guy) and that was fine, but he did not show any basic modeling. Now I use both the Udemy course and Blender Guru videos. And so far I have come a long way in a short time (I think…)


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