My entry into Everything & The Kitchen Sink - RenderMan competition

I’ve spent pretty much all my spare time this month working on the materials and lighting in this scene and finished my render just hours before the deadline. I’m quite happy with it :slight_smile:
If you don’t know then this was a competition on the RenderMan forums (free for non-commercial use) where they supplied the kitchen scene without materials and the challenge was to add materials, lighting etc. you could move the objects around but no new geometry was allowed.


Very well done, Stephen!

This is quite a complex scene to be texturing in my humble opinion. It is one thing to texture your own work and completely another to texture someone else’s model. I think you did a fantastic job on it. I especially like the reflection on the toaster. :slight_smile:

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I have to agree with Morgaine, as this is a phenomenal bit of texturing. Actually the whole scene is amazing, and if someone had handed me a scene like this, I wouldn’t know where to begin texturing, it’s so detailed.


This looks really impressive. :smile: Must have been lots of work. Little few things though:
-the green packidge at the window looks like it does not quite tuch the surface unterneath
-the garlic has a wierd material. But even I do not know how to improve it.
-the window in the right shows trees and lots of green but the big window in the left shows rocks and water (to me). That confuses a little bit
-the green tone for your furniture would not fit to the scene for me

Ok it looks really great. I had to look long to notice these things. So these are just little things.

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Thanks, the toaster is one of several objects in the scene that has image textures for the diffuse, specular, roughness, metallicness and a normal map. Thanks to a free program called Awesome Bump

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I hadn’t thought about the HDRI, it’s all one image, but you can’t see the gradual change from the sea to the trees in my scene, the garlic was a bit of a hack job, didn’t put much time into that.

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I have been using CrazyBump or making some of my maps in Photoshop depending on the mode. I was not aware of Awesome Bump so will check it out! Thanks for the resource tip!

Again, I think this a great job!

I’ve not heard of either CrazyBump or AwesomeBump, so I’ll have to check out both.

I usually use one of several filters I have for FilterForge in Photoshop, but I’m always open to new options. :wink:

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CrazyBump is a free program and is very simple and easy to use in my opinion. I am assuming the same with Awesome Bump. Definitely give it at try.

That’s always reason enough to give something a try. :slight_smile:

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Ok that is alright. I was just wondering…

Looks fantastic but the only thing that’s bothering me is the low exposure of the HDRI through the window. If a real camera had taken this picture, the scene through the window would be so highly exposed that it would almost be pure white. It’s a small fix that would enhance the realism quite a bit IMO :slight_smile:

Check out this photo for reference:

Ah yeah, I think that is what it looked like, but I wanted to be able to see the background, so I turned down the HDRI intensity and added area lights

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