My daily plans



In 30 days I am committin, that I will take a daily 4 hours Blender course. One or the other.

For the next 7 days I am only going to promise to do something if I am 100% certain that I will do it.


I am committing to the following SMART Goal (which includes the specific action I’m taking as well as when it will be completed by) in relation to working through and taking actions with this «Finish It» course:

9 February, I will complete all the tasks on theArchitectural Design course in Blender. Export project in to Unity, and create a nice render with Realistic Lighting Unity course. I will transfer materials from Blender in to Unity project using Substance B2M (generate all those PBR outputs from a input images).

For each day that I’ll be working over the next 7 days, these are the SINGLE most important tasks for me to finish (not «work on» but «finish»).

  • 1 February: Complete section 1-6 (Blender Architectural Design Tools).
  • 2 February: Saturday.
  • 3 February: Sunday.
  • 4 February: Complete section 7 (Blender Take control & create your own Models).
  • 5 February: Complete section 8 (Blender Lighting & Materials) and 9, 10.
  • 6 February: Complete section 1-3 (Unity Global Illumination).
  • 7 February: Complete section 4 (Unity Sci-Fi Corridor).
  • 8 February: Complete section 5 (Unity Lighting Pipeline and Technique) and 6.
  • 9 February: Make the final render in Unity.


Stuck. I bought new Blender, courses and this list does not fit with my main goal. Why should I do all this right now? I could not convince myself to continue follow the list.

Why should I do the interior of the room if I’m not going to include it in the portfolio? And I have no answer. I would like it to be able to do it. Yes, and for this reason I bought the Architectural Design and Realistic Lighting course. One day I want to study it. But right now, I feel like I’m spend time not on what I need right now. Possibly interrupting on weekends was a bad idea.

I have to do a portfolio for ArtStation. And I feel the need what I should learning at the base on examples that I will show there.


Only I prepared to follow the cool challenge, and here you canceled everything;)


I’m still planning make the final render, but It will be something in the spirit of my future portfolio.


HDRP shader in Unity from scratch:

This is exactly about what I thought. When thinking about a rendering in Unity.

Unfortunately, I get this message when I run Substance Designer or Substance Painter:

And that’s why I’m focusing on Unity. Unreal Engine, cannot be running on this PC.

TDR stands for Timeout Detection and Recovery. This is a feature of the Windows operating system which detects response problems from a graphics card, and recovers to a functional desktop by resetting the card. If the operating system does not receive a response from a graphics card within a certain amount of time (default is 2 seconds), the operating system resets the graphics card. Before TDR existed, problems of this nature would have resulted in a system freeze and required a reboot of the operating system.

Sometimes crash happens in Unity, when I install projects from asset store, such as: 3D Game Kit or Book Of The Dead: Environment It all depends on the version of the Unity. It doesn’t really matter. I had time to look at them when they worked.

Maybe system requirements do not allow me to do what I want, I’m not sure what will happen in the process.


I’m currently working in a Web Development business and today was a lot of work. After work I was tired and did not do anything today, this is frustrating.


Too much work do not have time today either.


But it will be just a shame if I do not complete thirty courses, before assembling new PC. Maybe not all 30, but the part that relates to 3D and Unity. I like Unity, but I started looked on it only because Unreal Engine does not work on my current PC. And when it will work on a new PC. I don’t think Unity will be interesting. I will always think of it as an engine for old and weak devices, that’s not bad, It is great for multiplatform applications. But if we talk only about Windows PC or graphic quality Unreal Engine it is the best choice. You will not find a professional portfolio, rendered on Unity at ArtStation. But many professional designers do render in Unreal Engine. Unity can get close to Unreal look but it’s still not the same.


I love shopping or planning it. I am really good at implementing such shopping plans. Sometimes I watch catalogs too much. Tomorrow I will go to IKEA for new furniture and maybe buy some dishes, and I need to pick up the package from the mail.

Shopping does not solve problems, I am constantly trying to solve problems through purchases. Always lack something, for work or study. I justify my inaction with the fact that something is missing and I have to buy it to get started. It may be new tablet, software, some kind of course, or PC. So it was many times but nothing changed after the purchase.


I won’t go to the post office tomorrow, until other parcels arrive, too.

Will be focused on Substance Designer tomorrow. To want to do 3D you need to be able to make beautiful PBR materials. All the time I thinking about materials. I can’t think of anything else. High-quality materials are the key to success. Especially if the model is simple.


Substance Designer does not work on my PC in resolution 2048 with complex materials, maybe something can be done in 1024, but not sure. It just freezes at 2048 when many nodes.