My Cycles render time

Used several renders to find most efficient size for GPU and CPU, had a problem when i set the priority to realtime and lost my record for most of my tests. here are the ones i managed to save.
all times are (min:sec:milisec)

Hardware: Custom Rig (designed for 3d game programming and testing)(no SLI)
Intel i7 5930K (6 core, 12 threads) 3.5GHz
64GB ram
Win 10

  1. NVidia GTX 980
  2. NVidia GTX 980 Ti

64x64 both GPUs 8:11:47 with progressive refine
64x64 ti gpu 9:41:27
64x64 non-ti gpu: 9:24:03
64 x64 CPU 15:06:26

128 x128 duel gpu, no opensubdividecomputer, no progressive refine

128 9:57:30
64 15:06:26
32 8:57:31

No Spatial Split Duel GPU no progressive render
00:52:65* best time
Time saved = Build time (13ish sec)

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