My cut is not working: Solved

I cut my pyramid but I can’t select the middle face. When I click it or the top middle, it selects itself and the block to the left. I don’t understand.

@Christian_Booton, I think same problem here.

Related to this issue “Loop cut questions

I removed all double vertices. Still no change. I also know I didn’t accidentally create 3 cuts as mentioned elsewhere because I removed my cuts and made them again.

try selecting the face just to the right of the one you’ve selected in the image. If it also selects the middle face then you may have pushed your cuts the wrong way.

only 1 side selects the middle and other side. The right side is individual.

It just sucks because this is literally a game stopper until I figure it out.

I had something similar happen, what I ended up doing was deleting the loop cuts and then redoing them. I had made a duplicate of one of the loop cuts which caused some problems, after watching the video on loop cuts a few times I got them to behave correctly.

Ok I figured it out. You have to make a center cut, then make another cut and drag it to the center on top of it. Once they are both set you can then drag them y+1 and y-1.

If you cut in the middle, then offset it to +/- 1 right away, then make your second cut, it doesn’t matter if the building is perfect cut, it stops allowing you to select the middle block.

Seems like a glaring bug if you ask me. Should I report this? I can’t imagine that cutting is intending to work that way.

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