My course goals!



Hi, I’m excited about this course!

I completed the first two sections of the general C++/Unreal course, and have some additional background in C and Blender, so that’s the experience I’m coming with. I feel fairly comfortable navigating Unreal, transforming actors, and modifying some properties through Blueprint and code.

I have a side project I’m eager to work on, and the first section of this course will help me a lot. I want to create an architectural visualization-style environment with interactive elements. In addition to basic teleportation/locomotion, I want to figure out how to make complex assets that can be precisely manipulated with two hands, like opening a book.

I don’t have a VR device yet, but I have a VR-ready computer and plan to buy an Oculus Rift soon. Until school starts (October 1), I plan to dedicate at least 3 hours each day I’m free and can be at my computer. Once school starts, I hope to continue with at least 1 hour a day!

Thanks, and I look forward to learning from and interacting with this community!