My Chess Render

Complete render, finally got around to finishing it. Thanks a bunch.


I like how you moved your pieces around as if a game were in process. Is that blood on your board from the battle in progress? :wink:

Thanks. Not blood, but it does look that way. I was playing around with the textures and patterns included, and found they have like a ‘marble’-ish looking one. Since a lot of chess boards are made with marble I decided on it.

Looks great!! I like the smooth pieces. Good Work!

You did a nice job of it.

@Xurxo - Yeah I really hated the low poly sets people were making, not that they look bad, just not my style. So I made higher poly peices and applied the smooth modifier to them.

@Morgaine_Christensen - Thank you.

I have had it drilled into me over time “low poly, low poly” so went ahead and followed the lectures. I should of stepped out of the box and did a bit more work on mine so they were smoother. I might go back at some point and redo the set just for practice. I kind of wish Blender had more built in texture bases for a larger variety.

Anyway, great job on this project!

P.S. I think I still like the idea of a bloody board though! :wink:

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