My "BuildingEscape" (named "OntsnapHetDoolhof")

Hello there,

I am following the online courses of Ben Tristem, where he explains how to make games in Unreal Engine. He regularly asks his students to share their work, so that’s what I am doing here.

I actually wanted to use the door sounds of another game I have (Amsterdoom, a shooter from 2000), but it appears that Unreal Engine doesn’t support 16-bit sound files (only 32-bit), so I couldn’t use that… I ended up using the sound file Ben Tristem provided us with.

My initial plan was to export my project into an executable file and to share that executable file here, but the exported file is 637 MiB big. Like… come one guys… I have four rooms in my game. It can’t be THAT big, right? Something must have gone wrong… Anyways, sharing a 637 MiB file is quite hard, so I decided to make a screen recording of some gameplay and to share that.

Initially, I made the video to show off to a girl what I made, so ignore the conversation that you see in the first half second of the video.

I am currently following the section about Battle Tank. I will share that game with you once it’s ready, except if the exported file is going to be huge again, because if that happens, I will just share a video with you about me playing that game. :smiley:

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