My bowling pin (a bit confused)

I got a bit confused looking at the transforms on the right hand menu. Accordion to the “Dimensions” subsection is my model is:
X : 1.151
Y : 3.800
Z :1.151

It seems like the Z and Y-axes are switched. When I use the controls under the section to increase the dimensions along the Z-axis, I expect to bowling pin to grow in height. Instead it grow along the Y-axis.

How do I correct this and how do I prevent this from happening?

I noticed that there was a 90 degree rotation along the X-axis as seen above. Whan I apply rotation it seems to fix the issue. Feels like I’m getting a better grasp of the “Apply transformation” lecture. Nice :smiley:

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Nice catch.

Just remember that if you see the Scale for any axis being more or less than 1, it means you modified it while in object mode. And same applies to Rotation if not 0 degrees, and Location if not all 0.

Things always get worse especially if we press a button (or wrong shortcut) without realizing. So keep in mind key areas of information and toggles to quickly find any issues. An important one is the Operation Menu to see which action you’ve just performed. You can always adjust things from there or simply Undo the action.

Keep up the good work~
-Rotates 45 degrees and leaves the room - :rofl:

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