My Boolean Method

So i’m using edge loop and create segments and then bevel it and use it as notch cutter


I am glad you succeeded in this!
But does the effort pay off?
Because the details you put into the sword doesn’t reflect the notch in the bishop.
A simple cube was enough.
Planning on how to use your model(s) is important and save a lot of work.

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i want to be perfect

i add 1 more cube and boolean

Well done on creating that shaped notch cutter. However it is not a usual feature of such cut slots. It may well be just in a reference item you are using. It is also more standard to have the slot at an angle, and not cutting through the top pip. Again no reason not to do it the way you have, chess set designs vary enormously. It is supposed to represent the ecclesiastical hat called a mitre, signifying Bishop ‘rank’ in a church hierarchy, that has a front and back effect.

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