My BlockBreaker game

So here’s a link to my game on Game Bucket. I have no idea if it works, though, since the Unity plugin hates all of my browsers (even the ones it’s supposed to work in!).

Would be interested in knowing if anyone else can play it.

Hi Seona.

It works for me on Internet Explorer, although the game is nor technically “playable” since the paddle moves by itsel. I suppose it’s part of the exercise? I haven’t finished mine yet so I don’t know. I love the sound efects though :smile:


Thanks. And yeah, I know it’s still in “auto-play” mode. I just threw up what I had to see if the problem with having it show up in the browser was just me or was a problem with my game. Since it’s evidently just me, I’ll look at fixing it up so that it’s playable and put up another copy. :slight_smile:

That will be tomorrow though, after some sleep…

I almost lost my mind trying to get the WebGL to work with Microsoft Edge. Just the regular Internet Explorer works fine though. Good luck reposting it. I look forward to checking it out!

Well, it took a little longer than I planned to get this finished (paying gigs win out), but here is the finished, playable game:

Not particularly inspired level design, I’ll admit, but games like this were never my forte. :slight_smile:

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