My Block Breaker - Ice Breaker

My Block Breaker Game - Here

After plugging away at the course for a couple weeks, here is my brick breaker game! I made it from some original artwork.

After the initial build for the class, I decided to double back on what was learned and see if I could get it to do some other things, as a personal challenge. I have a tendency to just push through as fast as I can, so putting the breaks on was hard, but beneficial (especially because Im such a code noob). I learned so much more and it really deepened my understanding of the material.

Added features:

  • Continue button added to the lose screen, which reloads the last level played.

  • Sound played when a brick is cracked (other than destroyed sound).

  • Lives - 3 lives before losing.

  • Level Display - keeps track of level.

My kids were so proud to be playing a game their dad made :slight_smile:

Now I need to stop adding and polishing, it’s time to move on to Laser Defender!

NEW - ( can’t stop tweaking it)

  • Point System
  • Partical System - Snow
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Hey @Freddie_G,

I have to say I really enjoyed your game. I got to level 6 (hard if you miss the opening after the ball release!).

I really love the background images you have used, the little bubbles from the fish were a nice touch too. Font for the text for score/lives is really nice. The music, oh wow, so lovely and mellow and the sound effects you have really compliment the theme.

Breaking convention on the angled blocks, but hey, it’s your game so why not and it made for some interesting ricochets when I played the level with the tree :slight_smile:

Really nice - well done :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rob! I really appreciate the detailed response, very kind of you.

If you made it to level 6, you made it to the last level !

Again, thanks.

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You’re more than welcome Freddie, keep us updated with any future updates to this or, for any other games you complete!

Out of interest, where were the background images from?

The background images are from a book that I’ve written, that hasn’t been released yet. My very talented mother is doing the art for it in watercolor. These were just snapshots from a phone and does not do it justice!

I was thinking of polishing up the game and adding it to the website to promote the book, when it launches.

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Hey @Freddie_G, I thought they would be family related and they are really awesome, you have a very talented mum!

Your idea for releasing the game at the same time to promote is a fab idea - nice one.

One other thought I had, you mentioned how much your kids loved playing the game that dad made etc, you could let them draw some pics and then scan them in and swap them out for these (so you have two games etc), they could even design their own levels with some squared paper. Could be a lot of fun :slight_smile:

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Great idea!

I’ve started teaching my 11 year old how to program his own text adventure (he’s way into it), because I believe that teaching something forces you to really understand it.

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That really is awesome… hope he continues to enjoy it and has a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Nicely done. Loved playing the game!
i have to admit, i liked the retry level button. Made it very helpful to see all the levels.

Level 6 is tough! loved it though. Very creative, hadn’t thought about the way you did the non horizaontail bricks.

Keep up the great work! and look forward to seeing the book…looks like a good one!

also, nice touch with the particles from the fish mouth!



Nice version, I loved that you went with the Iceblocks, I liked that you tried to base the block patterns on the backgrounds. The extra coding you did for the lives and the continue screens. The overall design was really nice. Awesome Job man, looking forward to your take on Laser Defender!!


Thanks, @Guy_Shepperd Guy! I appreciate the time you took to provide the feedback. Happy coding.

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Thank you, I appreciate you noticing the details. See you on the other side of Laser Defender.

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The Music, and design fit together so beautifully.

Very inspiring (especially coming from someone just beginning text 101).

Thanks for sharing, you are much appreciated x


Thanks @Marshalls_Corner . Keep pushing on - the Text Adventure was essential for learning how to call functions. Block Breaker is a lot more fun!


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