My background sprite appears really small

When i drag my sprite file to the scene window, it pops in there, although really small
Both these background sprites seen there are 800x600
When i run the game, the background size actually gets big, but the position of the Game over button is nothing like seen on this preview

Hello David, how are you?

It appears to be small because it is in a world position, while the canvas has been set to overlay (which is normal), the overlay canvas isn’t dependent on world position coordinates, it will be rendered accordingly to the game view port while the GameObjects within the world will be rendered accordingly to the active camera. That’s why it usually don’t reflect the real size when you look at it on scene view mode.

Regarding the Game Over Button position problem, you should change the Pivot of the Game Over Button to the middle of the Canvas, take a look at the Unity Docs for further information regarding it.

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