My background image disappears when i test the game

Section 5 Lecture 71
I added the background image from the previous lecture. I am working on gravity and collision and when i went to test the movement of the ball, I noticed my background dropped from the hierarchy and the image disappeared from my game. I am not sure why this is happening. The ball remains and drops perfectly though. Also the game over button remains.

Your gameobject with the background disappears from the hierarchy when you start the game? this could have multiple raesons. Check if you accidently added a singleton script to it (or its parent) which already is attached to another gameobject.

you may need to provide more details about your scene.

I am not even sure what detail to provide. i followed lecture 70 to add the background. I haven’t created any scripts for the background image so there are no singleton scripts except the one for the music player. I added a screenshot of what i see for the background image settings.

This is before the game is played

and this is while it is running

Thank you!!! You were right!!! The music player somehow got attached to the background and it was killing it on load. I removed the component link and tested it and it works. Thank you for your assistance!

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