My Asset WIP

My asset so far. Making a building. So far just using the basic block tools I made, after I get the needs of my building done, I will be adding doors, windows, window frames, bookshelves, tables, chairs, fencing, and archery targets ect.

I will keep everyone posted.


Did a bit of reconstruction, and been working on details. Coming together. I am getting some lines, I think its from crossing edges if I am correct? Not sure entirely. Viewing the edges inside blender, zoomed in, they are exactly on each other. Yet, a small hair line still shows. I suppose at the end when you join and drop all doubles it may go away? Not sure…

Anyway thanks for looking! Once I finish this here chapter, I am going to take a pause and return to the Unity course to knock out the Bowlmaster (ehhk) and Zombie Runner games.

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Heres a small update. Added the UV wrapping for most objects. Still need the windows, frames, doors ect. to finish up.

Working now on the UV wraps, they are a bit off when placed next to one another.

List of remaining goals:
-Finish correcting UV wraps.
-Finishing wrapping frame pieces.
-Build doors and windows.
-Build interior items (chairs, tables, book shelfs, weapon racks, ect.)
-Create the grass emitters.
-Create the flame emitters for interior lighting.
-Animate and export as a video.

Once this is done, I will be building all the assets of the Unity course’s Bowlmaster game, and begin work on that.

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