My Airship: A Gummi Ship

Since the airship challenge was to use the blocks to create an airship, and Kingdom Hearts ships are made outta blocks, I decided to kinda combine the two and make something that resembled a KH ship.

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Wouldn’t let me put this in the post as a newbie. :anguished:

@ChordTerias I like the model, did you use just the basic blocks available in Blender?

There are definitely some hand-added stuff there. Like triangles and the engine’s shapes.

This is great! Can’t wait to see how good you get with more practice!

Try to add the long url from the browser headline on a single line:

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Awesome! Beats having to leave the forum. Neat model too.

I did everything with add/extrude/inset and deleting faces!

The “jets” are cones that I added (two duplicates on either side, and a bit one in the middle). I extruded the ends, and scaled them to get them to look a little more jet like.
Cockpit was a plain ole sphere added.
Weapons were cylinders added, extruded, and scaled.
The center bit, where I guess the engine would go, was extruded, rotated by 90 degrees. I couldn’t get the geometry to look like I wanted, so I deleted the faces and drew new ones to the vertices. Then extruded again to a point. :smiley:
The wings were just edges (or faces for the big one on the bottom) that were extruded and manipulated to look wing-like. I don’t liiiike them necessarily, and the way they do it after the challenge makes much more sense.

Also @GamedevCala: It won’t let you add them in your first post on the forum (it gives an error message along the lines of new users being limited to a link per post, even when you only have one link. D:)

@McFuzz: Thank you! Encouragement is great. :smiley:

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@ChordTerias Thanks! This type of detail and interaction should be good for us all.

Ahh, Kingdom hearts, nice memories. I loved the game (no.1).

Nice! I’m looking fwd to using Blender so I can start making cool stuff like this!

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