My adaptation of Glitch Garden

This was a fun section - Unity’s Animation system had me scratching my head, but now I think I"m getting the hang of it!

List of changes:

  1. Spawn the Lizard at a random spot on the game screen to be able to see the appearing animation
  2. Pause the game music before playing the “Scene Completed” sound
  3. Added a “Dieing” animation that handles the destruction of the game object after playing a nifty little animation
  4. Added a “HealthBar” to be able to visually detect the health of Attackers/Defenders

Some more tweaks need to be made - cactus launching 2 projectiles when spawning in attack state), an extra axe lying around on the first scene, and need to use the “Game Difficulty” slider to adjust the rate attackers spawn.

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