My 90 days committment for better Physiology

Hello everyone,

So I am here to commit to Rick’s challenge for better physiology :muscle:

  • Sleep before midnight and sleep 10 minutes earlier each night until I sleep 9-10 pm*
  • I commit to exercising 15 minutes each day
  • I am commiting to replace soft drinks with natural homemade drinks and if I have to, I can drink soft drinks once a month
  • I am committing to replace store-bought snacks with natural homemade snacks and if I have to, I can eat store-bought snacks once a month

I tried to take small steps because these kinds of committments is easy to mess up for me so I am committing to only what I can force myself to do.

Wish you all the best with your committments :star2:

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You got this!! :100::fire:

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Thanks Kevin :slight_smile: