My 1st game :D. Atraplas, a serious game for children


We are an indie couple, she is an artist apprentice and I am a programmer. We would like to develop serious games for children in our spare time and we are learning how to do it :slight_smile:

We have just published our 1st game Atraplas and we are very nervous :cry:
Will it be a disaster? Will people like it? Will we have more than 10 downloads (our family)? :smiley:

In this game we are Atraplas, an octopus that looks after the planet picking up all the rubbish adrift at sea. By the way, children learn the biodegradation years for common rubbish (Batteries, plastic loops, bottles, etc).

Please, help us trying it and giving us feedback :kissing_closed_eyes:

==> Link to Google Play <==


Hi, I have left a review on the play store as beta tester.
This is a video I watched sometime ago. You might find it relatable.

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Thanks. We have watched the video and it is very interesting.

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