My 1st bash at Text101

This is my first go at this project, I have tried to make it with a little dark humour, it has the usual dialogue but I added a sarcastic alter ego in there too.

Please let me know how I did.

Many thanks

The Dream

Here is a second go with music on webGL with unity5, this take a little while to load so please be patient. :smile:

Polished with Mozart

The sarcastic alter ego and dark humor in this one are quite enjoyable. Great little game.

I’ll be posting my first go at the Text 101 project in a day or two, but I also ended up picking an awakening from a dream style of an intro, purely by coincidence though. :slight_smile: I’m also taking a similar style of adding some of my humor into it, as it seems to fit text based gaming so well.

Question about your game. Is it possible to reach an “ending”? Once I’m up on the roof, I keep getting led into one of the two paths that “loops”, if you know what I mean. Clever gag that, but I keep going back into your game again, hoping to find that elusive “happy ending”, which may not even exist to find.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
No, I intentionally made it so no matter what you did, you wake up from a dream, the old recurring dream cliche.
There are 4 “endings” 2 of them are just going back to sleep, I was hoping that would be a clue. :slight_smile:

I have now got a finished game complete with that “elusive happy ending” you were looking for Derrick.
I will give you a hint… You will have to play through the game at least 4 times to find the ending.

This is my last modification of the game… for now. :slight_smile:

The Dream V11

You can find the code here:

Happy endings are nice. I like this updated version. :slight_smile:

I finally finished my game too, and I just posted it. I meant to have it done days ago, but I kept having more ideas to make it better, and I don’t mind mentioning that at least two of those ideas were “inspired” by your game: playing a classical music soundtrack, and having multiple endings which loop back into the main flow of the story so smoothly.

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