MVP -- Writing (for the long game)


My MVP is a bit of a story: it’s to create a portfolio of at least 3 short stories (totaling no more than 40,000 words) that have gone through at least two rounds of test-reader editing. This is for an MFA application. I naturally want to have more than three stories, but this is the minimum.

That’s because I see video games as an excellent medium for storytelling, and in order to be considered for a narrative team, I need to demonstrate that I’m a professional storyteller. Whether I get into the MFA program or not doesn’t matter – it’s more that I force myself to get the ball rolling on writing so I can boost my skills (and if I get in…well…that’s not too bad).

Of course that’s the most pressing “cool thing” (to use the course terminology). After I get this done (and establish my writing habit), I’ll want to work on a text-based game using Twine (and maybe RPG Maker MV) and finally get to the Unreal and Unity courses I have on Udemy, too. Step-by-step and piece-by-piece for me.