MVP - MoM Tabletop RPG

Hi there !

I am following the “finish it” course like everybody here I guess, and I am gonna share my project.

It is a crunchy tabletop RPG using cards based on crunchy game systems like D&D or pathfinder. The universe is about the collapse of mankind because of “fossil energies”, but in a magic world, replacing oil by magic of the earth.
The game targets newbies to tabletop rpg, and I hope it will go somewhere finished !
As MVP, the game system needs to be completed as written rules, and tested as fun in a small community of player (I will use local association to test different part of my game). For the test, I’ll also need a one-shot scenario, to present the universe and his specifics.

Well, that’s all.
English is not my first language, hope I didn’t wrote this too badly
Thanks all !