MVP - App Game Project


Hi Rick and everyone,

Many thanks to Rick for providing this “Finish It” course, it really inspired me and gave me energy to devote on creating app games. Also thanks for those who provide MVP discussions which helped me a lot.

Here is my very first MVP running on iPad written in swift language. It is for the tradition activity, “Wish you a fortune! Give me a red packet!”, on Chinese New Year Eve. When children and grandchildren try to get the red packet from elders, they have to select random actions and blessings from the app and then try to do and say them for good fortune. So, there are two slots for showing random image of greeting action and blessing text. It also play the music continuously and firework sound when people click on it.

I had tested this app with all my families, around 40 people, on Chinese new year eve, Feb 15th. We had fun and I got feedback directly from reactions and complaints such as the blessings phrases are too complicate, the rolling animation is not comfortable.

The next goal is to improve UI design, to make rolling animation smoothly and to add a start menu for customizing tricky content and sound functions. I would like to use Unity for better animation, gaming effects, cross platform development after I finishing the course. In addition, I will create more contents for specific holidays or party app games with this slot machine style.


Thanks for sharing and great work with your project!