Musings on Sound Effects

So I’ve spent the past few evenings working on my sound effects. They are great, very realistic and together it sounds, mhe.

I’ve done a pretty good amount of music editing in the past so I admit I’m a bit picky but the lesson I take from this is that cartoon sounds were created after trying real authentic folly sounds and finding they lacked punch.

Any thoughts?

I’d love to know what you eventually did. I’m the same. I spent an afternoon in Logic Pro writing a song very early on in this game development. I saw the song used in the example and thought It could do with something nicer and went all out. Now I’ve gotten to this bit and just raided a couple of percussion samples, but I know I’ll have to do better.

I’m thinking of sounds that tie in properly to the music (either another instrument or record a voice). Anything longer than half a second is going to be annoying hearing it go off all the time, but you want something in sympathy with your music.

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