Music starting again when you arrive back at the start scene!


At the end of this video you went on to say how to stop it repeating, only the video ended! Does anyone know how to fix it so the music does not continuously loop?!

Thanks in advance

Isn’t that a whole separate video? I remember it basically going like this:

  • every time you get to the start scene a new music player is created
  • you have to make the music player a type of object (not sure if this is the right use of the term, very new to object-oriented programming) of which there can only exist one at a time
  • so every time you get to the start scene again, the newly created music player will instantly be destroyed.

Stopping the music player from being created was explained over a number of different videos throughout this section. I think Ben and Brice really start explaining it by using duplo blocks. Really interesting lecture! So to answer your question: you probably just have to watch the next couple of videos.


Thank you!

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