MovementComponent is not called

Hi guys,

I have finished watching the videos about the BatleTank and was hoping to solve the problem later on, but seems to be stuck.
The situation is following: when Ben was doing a “final” update of the movement system the previous approach was partially broken. Why partially? Because it was working for some time, but after several lectures the MovementComponent was not reachable but the code.

I have tried to delete and create a new movement component, but with no success. Does anybody know how to solve such problem?

I have compared the code on the github with mine - it’s identical, all nodes within the blueprints are properly connected.
Interesting thing that as long as I don’t have a controller I am using WSAD keys and the Throttle is always -1, 0, +1 depending on the pressed key, there are no 0.XX values for example.

I can’t speak to your specific issue without more information, but the reason keyboard inputs are -1/+1 is that keyboards (most?) are digital. They don’t track position down, but rather just when the key reaches the activation threshold and when it leaves it.

thanks for the reply. The problem that there is no additional information. There are no any warnings, errors etc. Everything seems to be working, but it doesn’t. Only once I’ve got an error that MovementComponent is not called (like “Can’t read first line of file MovementComponent.h”, or something like that), but for now a long time no errors or warnings as I mentioned.

Thanks for the tip about keyboard values. But I have done code using an increment for the total speed (it increases to max value within 10 steps), so I must see some difference. Even without such code the Tank is not moving.

Ah! By the way, I still have a code for hit trace event - when tank on the ground I must get a notification in the log about that, but for some reason it doesn’t work. I have compared the code, but I can’t see the problem there (similar to Ben’s)

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