Movable Bridge, Crystal Cavern

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I’m trying to make a bridge that is made of two halves that will move as the game plays. The idea is that the player must analyse and time their movements precisely to cross the bridge and get to the other side.

I’ve had a fair whack at it and it still isn’t moving as intended, I’d really appreciate if anyone can help!

Demonstration of Idea

Here is a Demonstration of how this should work. I have made 2 BSP halves of a bridge that have been converted to Staticmeshes these are Bridge07A & Bridge07B.

As you can see above this is how the meshes should begin, I’m using a timeline, so this will be at 0 seconds

As a demonstration, above is where the two meshes should move to at 4 seconds.

Next the static meshes move to the opposite at 12 seconds.

Finally, at 16 seconds the 2 halves will move back to the original point at 0 seconds.

What I have so far

The Timeline has 2 tracks which are meant to move the meshes individually.

This Timeline is on Event begin play and loops, updating Bridge Locations, a function.

The Below is the bridge locations function


Below is a screenshot of the game simulating, as you can see the meshes are in the gap, however they’re not moving. As you can see from the simulation, this is at almost 7 seconds however the bridge on the left is not in a different location?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me and stay safe! :slight_smile:

It needed a couple lerps!

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