MonoDevelop not working

I followed the steps in the video, but when I create a new C# script and try to run it, MonoDevelop starts, but immediately a Windows error message comes up saying MonoDevelop has stopped working… I am on 64x Windows 10. Can anyone help me?

Debugger told me this:
An unhandled Microsoft .NET framework exception occurred in MonoDevelop.exe [13644]

just out of curiosity, have you tried opening MonoDevelop first, then with Mono running, try editing the script from within Unity.

I can’t even open MonoDev by itsef without Unity running. 2 seconds after I hit the shortcut, I get the error.

Yeah I am having the same problem, but my OS is windows 8.

Ok I found out what you need to do, go into your task manager and kill any running monodevelop program in the background. Should work just fine after that.

I don’t have any process running.

I also got this error:

System.AccessViolationException was unhandled
Message: An unhandled exception of type ‘System.AccessViolationException’ occurred in System.dll
Additional information: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

@ben do you have any idea of what is wrong? I should point out I also have problems with ASP.NET, but I don’t think that would affect MonoDevelop?

This does sound like a memory problem, possibly a disk problem. Try running a disk check, and then reinstalling to see if that helps

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That didn’t help. Is there anything else I can do. Do I need monodevelop, or can I use VScommunity instead?

VS Community is a fine choice, definitely give that a try.

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Ok, I will definitely see if that works. Thanks so much for the help, I appreciate it!

Look at D:\Program Files (x86)\Unity4.6\MonoDevelop or whatever disc you have installed it… Try to run MonoDevelop shortcut in that folder. Idk, maybe there is a way to standalone download it, like to different version…

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