MonoDevelop initial settings problem

my monodevelop window is showing two different files as NumberWizard.cs and Number_Wizard.sln . i get the .cs file , but where did the .sln file come from??

also, as you can see in the screenshot below, the top of my monodevelop window reads "File is not a project or a solution" and doesnt also display the hierarchies for files under the solution pad on the left hand side. any suggestion??

How did you open the files? By browsing to them with Explorer and double-clicking, or, open MonoDevelop and using File-Open etc?

i opened it within unity, by clicking the .cs file in the asset section @Rob

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The .sln is a solution file, your scripts will belong to a project and the project to a solution.

I’ve had a quick look online and found these steps you could give a try;

  • Disabled “Editor Attaching” in Preferences -> External Tools
  • Restart Unity
  • Re-enable “Editor Attaching”
  • Restart Unity

Give that a go.

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@Rob just restarted monodevelop and now .sln is gone and it seems like its working properly, thank you!! will ask if there is a future problem!

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Great, glad to hear things are working for you again - enjoy the course :slight_smile:

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