MonoDevelop doesn't open

I’m on a Mac using Unity 4.7 and I’m working on Laser Defender. I try to open a MonoDevelop script and the application boots up, but then immediately shuts down. I can’t open any scripts and I’m not really sure what to do.

Any help would be great! :slight_smile:

Hello Enrico,

What has changed on your system/setup/configuration since the previous section of the course? Presumably, you didn’t have this issue with NumberWizard?

  • How many versions of Unity do you have installed?

  • What is configured as the default editor within your Unity preferences, for example;

  • Has the computer been rebooted recently, have you tried rebooting it and then re-opening Unity / MonoDevelop?

I am not familiar with Macs, but on a PC you have the Windows Event Log which enables you to see things which have occurred in the system and with a variety of detail. Does the Mac have something similar? It may be that MonoDevelop is crashing for a specific reason and that this reason will be revealed in the log details.

Thanks for your response @Rob!
But I figured it out.

The problem was a permissions thing For anyone else having the same problem on Mac here is the solution:
(I didn’t try this method)
If you are not the admin on your computer, then change yourself to admin.

(I did try this method and it worked!)
Go to Finder and right click Monodevelop and select “Show Package Contents”. Right click the Contents folder and select, “Get Info”. A rectangular page should pop up. Go to the bottom and click “Sharing and Permissions” to expand it. Under “Everyone” change from “Read only” to "Read and Write."
Restart your computer. Then open MonoDevelop. For me, it opened but there were lots of visual glitches. If this happens you have to go back into Finder, right click Monodevelop and select “Get Info”. Then you have to change the permissions under Everyone from “Read only” to “Read and Write”.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Great! Always a nice feeling when you sort it out yourself and thank you for sharing your solution for others too :slight_smile:

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